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56 K ohm Resistors


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Delve into the world of 56 K ohm Resistors, essential components for electronics enthusiasts. These resistors offer a unique blend of features, making them versatile and indispensable in various applications.


  • Precision: Moreover, Electronics enthusiasts prize 56K ohm resistors for their accuracy, which is crucial for circuit functionality.
  • Compact Size: Their small form factor efficiently utilizes circuit board space, promoting neat and space-saving designs.
  • Wide Tolerance Range: These resistors suit applications prioritizing cost-effectiveness over precision, thanks to their versatile tolerance range.
  • Durability: Engineers design them for longevity, ensuring reliability even in demanding environments.


  • Voltage Dividers: Moreover, engineers often integrate them into voltage divider circuits because they offer precision and stability.
  • Signal Conditioning: In signal processing circuits, they actively filter out noise, ensuring clean and precise signal amplification.
  • LED Current Limiting: Likewise, they play a vital role in LED applications by limiting current and preventing LED burnout.
  • Sensor Interfacing: Additionally, their wide tolerance range is suitable for interfacing sensors, aligning sensor output with microcontroller or amplifier input ranges.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 56 K ohm Resistors


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