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HCF4024BE DIP-14 IC (4024) IC



  • IC Name: HCF4024BE IC
  • Package/Case: DIP-14

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The HCF4024B is a monolithic integrated circuit fabricated in Metal Oxide Semiconductor technology available in DIP and SOP packages.
The HCF4024B is a ripple carry binary counter.
All counter stages are master-slave flip-flops.
The state of a counter advances one count on the negative transition of each input pulse; a high level on the RESET line resets the counter to its all zeros stage.
Schmitt trigger action on the input pulse line permits unlimited clock rise and fall times.
All inputs and outputs are buffered.

Features :-

    • medium speed operation; completely static operation; buffered input and output; Standardized, symmetrical output • • • characteristics; completely static operation; Maximum input current of 1μA at 18V
    • Logic Family/Base Number: CD4024.
    • Counter Type: Ripple Carry Binary / Divider
    • Clock Frequency: 24MHz.
    • Count max: 7.
    • No. Number of Pins: 14Pins.
    • Supply Voltage: 3V – 18V.
    • Logic IC Family: CD4000.
    • Logic IC Base Number: 4024.

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Package Includes :

  • 1 x HCF4024BE DIP-14 IC (4024) IC.


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