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40pin IC Base (2 pcs)



  • Overall height above PCB  : 4.80mm
  • PCB hole required              : 0.60mm
  • Pitch Width                         : 7.62mm
  • Pin Pitch                             : 2.54mm
  • Number of Pins                  : 40 pins


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IC sockets are generally for preventing damage to IC’s from soldering and while testing multiple circuits. These are made from Black Thermoplastic and tin-plated alloy contacts. One end is notched to aid in identification. They can be mounted end to end to suit longer IC’s.. Required for sensitive ICs which are temperature sensitive and cannot be soldered to the board or at places where the IC needs to be replaced and for microcontroller based applications where the IC needs to be removed for programming.

  • JDEC standard Compliant
  • Moulded notch for proper orientation.
  • Easy to insert and remove ICS.
  • Multiple DIY projects.
  • Application requiring replaceable ICS.


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