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1N4148 Diode




  • Fast Switching Speed .
  • Extremely low leakage and very high reliability.
  • General purpose, industrial, military and space applications.

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The 1N4148 Diode offers advantages like fast switching, low voltage drop, and high peak reverse voltage. It is a versatile component used in signal rectification, voltage clamping, and various applications where rapid and precise signal control is necessary.


  • Fast Switching Speed: The 1N4148 Diode excels with its rapid switching speed, enabling quick transitions between conducting and non-conducting states.
  • Low Forward Voltage Drop: It efficiently rectifies AC signals while minimizing power loss due to its low forward voltage drop.
  • High Peak Reverse Voltage: Additionally, it provides a high peak reverse voltage, suitable for applications that demand voltage clamping.
  • Compact Form Factor: Its small size proves advantageous for space-constrained designs, enhancing versatility.


  • Signal Rectification: Widely used for signal rectification in electronic circuits, converting AC to DC.
  • Voltage Clamping: Essential in voltage clamping circuits to shield components from voltage spikes.
  • High-Speed Switching: Valuable in high-frequency circuits, ensuring precise signal control with its swift switching.
  • Protection Diode: Commonly employed as a protection diode in sensitive electronic devices, safeguarding against reverse voltage.
  • Flyback Diode: Used as a flyback diode in inductive loads like relays and coils, averting voltage spikes.
  • Oscillator Circuits: Additionally, plays a pivotal role in oscillator circuits, demanding rapid switching for frequency generation.
  • Voltage Multipliers: Also utilized in voltage multiplier circuits to efficiently generate higher DC voltages.
  • Amplitude Modulation: Deployed in amplitude modulation (AM) demodulation circuits to retrieve the original signal.
  • Pulse Shaping: Its fast response finds application in pulse shaping scenarios for precise waveform control.
  • High-Speed Data Transmission: Moreover essential in high-speed data transmission systems to enhance signal integrity and speed.

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    Packages includes:-

    • 1 x 1N4148 Diode

Weight 0.15 kg


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