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Ceramic Capacitors Ceramic Disc Condenser Capacitive Tolerance, DC 50 V, 0.01 uF, (3 pieces)


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  • Ceramic Capacitors Ceramic Disc Condenser Capacitive Tolerance refers to a category of electronic components.
  • Capacitive tolerance is a crucial specification indicating how closely actual capacitance aligns with the nominal value.
  • They store and release electrical energy efficiently.
  • These capacitors are known for their compact size and reliability.

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The “Ceramic Capacitors Ceramic Disc Condenser Capacitive Tolerance” defines a category of electronic components applied across various uses. These capacitors feature capacitive tolerance, a vital specification that establishes the alignment of their actual capacitance with the rated or nominal value. Ceramic capacitors, renowned for their compact size and reliability, enjoy widespread use in electronics due to their capacity to store and release electrical energy. The capacitive tolerance specification delineates the range within which these components’ actual capacitance may deviate from the nominal value.


  • High Capacitive Tolerance: Moreover, these ceramic capacitors excel in maintaining consistent performance even in demanding conditions. Their high capacitive tolerance ensures reliability, making them a preferred choice for critical applications.
  • Low DC Voltage Rating: With a DC voltage rating of 50V, these capacitors are suitable for low-voltage electronics. Their adaptability to different voltage requirements makes them versatile and applicable in a wide range of electronic devices.
  • Compact and Space-Efficient: Their compact design allows for easy integration into circuits with limited space, making them ideal for compact electronic designs. This feature is invaluable when working on miniaturized applications.
  • Quick Charging and Discharging: Ceramic capacitors enable rapid charging and discharging, enhancing energy efficiency. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in applications where quick energy storage and release are necessary.
  • Stability in Harsh Environments: Their ceramic construction imparts remarkable stability, even in challenging environments. This feature makes them reliable choices for applications exposed to adverse conditions.


  • Power Supply Filtering: Likewise, ceramic capacitors are widely used for power supply filtering. They effectively reduce voltage ripple in power electronics, improving overall performance.
  • Timing Circuits: These capacitors are essential components in timing circuits. Their stable performance is invaluable for precision timing applications.
  • Signal Coupling: Ceramic capacitors facilitate signal coupling in electronic circuits. They enhance the transfer of signals between different components of a circuit.
  • Audio Systems: In audio systems, these capacitors serve various functions, including filtering, coupling, and decoupling, ensuring high-quality audio output.

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Packages includes:-

  • 3 x Ceramic Capacitors Ceramic Disc Condenser Capacitive Tolerance, DC 50 V, 0.01 uF


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