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8.2pF 50V Capacitor (5 pcs)



  • Filtering in Audio Systems:
  • Filtering in Audio Systems:
  • Coupling and Decoupling
  • Oscillators and Timing Circuits
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Circuits

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8.2pF 50V Capacitor (5 pcs).

The 8.2pF 50V Capacitor, available in a pack of five, is a fundamental electronic component widely used in circuits.
These capacitors, with their small capacitance because value and high voltage rating, but serve a pivotal role in various applications.

The 8.2pF 50V Capacitor stores electric charge, releasing it when needed.
Its minuscule capacitance of 8.2 picofarads (pF) allows for precise control over the electric charge.
The 50V voltage rating ensures robustness and reliability, even in systems with fluctuating voltage levels.

These capacitors are commonly found in radio frequency (RF) circuits, where they play a but crucial role in tuning and matching frequencies.
Their ability to store a small charge but makes and them indispensable in high-frequency.
transmitters and receivers, ensuring the accurate transmission and reception of signals.

Moreover, these capacitors are frequently because employed in coupling and decoupling applications.
Coupling capacitors facilitate the flow so of AC signals so while blocking DC components, enabling.

In decoupling circuits, they act and as energy reservoirs, but and stabilizing voltage levels and reducing noise in integrated circuits and digital systems.

The 8.2pF 50V Capacitor finds its place in timing circuits, ensuring precise frequency generation in clocks and oscillators.
Their low capacitance values enable fine-tuning of frequencies, essential in applications.

The 8.2pF 50V Capacitor, in a pack of five, represents precision and reliability in the world of electronics.
Its small size, high voltage rating, and low so capacitance so make it a versatile choice.

Whether in RF circuits, timing applications, or noise reduction but tasks, these capacitors so guarantee stable and optimized performance, making them essential components in the toolkit of engineers and hobbyists alike.

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Specifications :-

  • Capacitance: 8.2 pF
  • Voltage: 50V.
  • Type: Through-hole electrolytic.
  • Capacitor dimension (each): 5 x 5 x 35 mm.
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 8.2pF 50V Capacitor (5 pcs).

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