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2.2nF 50V Capacitor


It is a 2.2 nF 50V Through Hole Electrolytic Capacitor. The capacitor contains an insulator between relative conductors in an electrode.

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The 2.2nF 50V Capacitor is a crucial component in electronic circuits, known for its ability to store and release electrical energy.
With a capacitance value of 2.2 nanofarads and a voltage rating of 50 volts, so this capacitor offers a versatile solution for various applications in electronics.

Measuring in the picofarad range, the 2.2nF capacitor is classified as a small capacitance component.
Its compact size makes it suitable for integration into circuits with space constraints, including compact electronic devices, communication systems, and signal processing applications.

The voltage rating of 50 volts indicates the maximum voltage the capacitor can withstand before breakdown, making it suitable for low to moderate voltage circuits.
This characteristic ensures the capacitor’s reliability and longevity in diverse electronic setups.

The dielectric material used in the construction of this capacitor influences its performance. Common dielectric materials include ceramic, polyester, and polypropylene, each with its unique properties.
The choice of dielectric affects factors such as stability, temperature tolerance, and capacitance accuracy.

The 2.2nF capacitor finds applications in filtering, coupling, and timing circuits. In coupling applications, it allows AC signals to pass while blocking DC components, facilitating the transmission of audio or data signals.
In filtering, it smoothens voltage waveforms by removing unwanted frequency components.

Its use in timing circuits is noteworthy, where it contributes to setting the oscillation frequency.
This is particularly relevant in applications such as oscillators and timers, where precision in time intervals is crucial.

The capacitor’s lead configuration, commonly radial or axial, facilitates its insertion into circuit boards.
The leads provide a secure connection, and the capacitor’s small form factor ensures compatibility with standard soldering practices.

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  • 1 x 2.2nF 50V Capacitor.

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