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470 µF10v capacitor (5 pcs)



  • Capacitance: 470 microfarads (µF), offering efficient charge storage capacity.
  • Voltage Rating: 10 volts (V), suitable for a range of voltage requirements.
  • Applications: Ideal for tasks like filtering, energy storage, and voltage stabilization.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both hobby projects and professional electronics.
  • Reliability: A dependable component to enhance electronic circuit performance.

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The 470 µF10v capacitor represents a frequently employed electronic component, featuring a capacitance of 470 microfarads (µF) and a voltage rating of 10 volts (V).It finds widespread use across diverse applications, such as power supply filtering, audio electronics, motor starters, timer circuits, energy storage, signal coupling, and integration as a bypass capacitor within integrated circuits.


  • Capacitance: With a capacitance of 470 µF,this capacitor stores and releases electrical charge effectively
  • Voltage Rating: Rated at 10V, this capacitor can handle a maximum voltage of 10 volts, ensuring reliable performance within its specified range.
  • Polarity: Like most electrolytic capacitors, it is polarized, meaning it has a positive and negative lead. Correct polarity must be observed during installation to prevent damage.


  • Energy Storage: In certain scenarios, this component acts as a temporary energy storage device, releasing stored energy when necessary, as seen in camera flash units.
  • Timer Circuits: It finds application in timer circuits and oscillators, allowing precise control over the timing
  • Motor Starters: When dealing with motors and electromechanical devices, you can employ this capacitor to provide an initial booST
  • Audio Electronics: This capacitor plays a crucial role in audio circuits by reducing hum and interference, thus enhancing the overall audio quality in amplifiers, preamplifiers, and speakers.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 470 µF10v capacitor (5 pcs).


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