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470μF-16V Electrolytic Capacitor (5 pcs)



  • Capacitance: 470 microfarads (µF) per capacitor, providing charge storage capacity.
  • Voltage Rating: 16 volts (V), suitable for various voltage requirements in electronics.
  • Type: Electrolytic capacitors, known for high capacitance and efficiency.
  • Quantity: Set of five capacitors, offering versatility in electronic projects.
  • Applications: Ideal for tasks like power supply filtering, energy storage, and voltage stabilization in electronic circuits.

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The 470μF-16 V Electrolytic Capacitor (5 pcs) Electrolytic Capacitor (5 pcs) assumes a crucial role in the world of electronics due to its compact yet essential design. Engineers meticulously craft these capacitors for the efficient storage and discharge of electrical energy. Furthermore, their 470μF capacity, combined with a 16V voltage rating, gives them versatility and widespread usability.

These capacitors function as integral components within various electronic devices and circuits. They typically serve the purpose of smoothing and stabilizing power supplies, which minimizes voltage fluctuations and prevents sudden voltage surges. Additionally, in audio circuits, they demonstrate prowess in eliminating unwanted noise, ensuring pristine and high-fidelity sound output.

Electrolytic Capacitor:

Moreover, the 470μF-16V Electrolytic Capacitors make significant contributions to safety by stabilizing voltage levels. This aspect is imperative in sensitive electronic equipment. They also have a role in extending the lifespan of electronic components, effectively safeguarding them from the adverse effects of voltage fluctuations.


Certainly! Here are some common applications for the 470μF-16V

    Power Supply Stabilization
    Audio Amplifiers
    Timer Circuits

    Energy Storage


  • Capacitance: This capacitor has a capacitance value of 470μF.
  • Voltage Rating: It is rated for 16 volts (V).
  • Type: This capacitor belongs to the electrolytic capacitor category.
  • Polarity: Like all electrolytic capacitors, it has polarity.”

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Package Includes :-

  • 1 x 470μF-16 V Electrolytic Capacitor (5 pcs).


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