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Introducing the “100 Picofarad Capacitor,” a tiny yet indispensable component that packs a punch in the world of electronics. Its compact size belies its significance, as it plays a crucial role in various applications.


  • Miniature Size: The 100 Picofarad Capacitor is incredibly small, allowing for high-density circuit designs.
  • High Capacitance: Despite its size, it offers 100 picofarads of capacitance, aiding in precise signal filtering.
  • Fast Charging and Discharging: Its small size enables rapid charging and discharging, ideal for high-frequency applications.
  • Low Losses: Low equivalent series resistance (ESR) ensures minimal power dissipation.
  • Stability: It exhibits stable capacitance values over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures.
  • Versatility: Suitable for coupling, decoupling, and timing applications.


  • RF Filters: Additionally, used in radio frequency (RF) filters because of its small size and high-frequency capabilities.
  • Timing Circuits: Essential for creating precise timing circuits in various electronic devices.
  • Decoupling: Likewise, ensures stable power supply voltages in digital circuits.
  • Signal Coupling: Facilitates the transfer of AC signals between amplifiers and other components.
  • Impedance Matching: Moreover, used to match impedance in transmission lines and optimize signal transfer.
  • Oscillators: Supports the generation of stable frequencies in oscillators and clock circuits.
  • RFID Systems: Integral in radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems for data communication.
  • Sensor Interfaces: Ensures accurate signal conditioning in sensors and transducers.
  • Signal Filtering: Removes unwanted frequencies from signals in communication devices.

In summary, the 100 Picofarad Capacitor’s small size is not a limitation but an asset. Its miniature stature, high capacitance, fast charging, and stability make it an ideal choice for applications such as RF filters, timing circuits, decoupling, signal coupling, impedance matching, oscillators, RFID systems, sensor interfaces, and signal filtering

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