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Multitec 150b Wire Stripper and Cutter



  • The tool is suitable for the flush cutting action.
  • The tool is mainly used to strip and cut the wire with a 12-24 gauge.
  • The black oxide finish prevents corrosion.
  • Based on the wire size, screws have to be adjusted.

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The Multitec 150b Wire Stripper and Cutter is a versatile and efficient tool designed for effortless wire stripping and cutting tasks.
Precision Stripping The Multitec 150b Wire Stripper and Cutter are engineered with precision blades that ensure accurate and clean wire stripping without damaging the conductor.
It’s suitable for various wire gauges and types, providing consistent results every time.

Effortless Wire Cutting Equipped with sharp cutting edges, this tool effortlessly cuts through wires of different thicknesses.
It enables quick and clean cuts, saving time and effort in various electrical and DIY applications.
It ensures uniform and precise stripping, enhancing the overall efficiency of electrical projects.

Comfortable Grip Designed with ergonomic handles, the Multitec 150b Wire Stripper and Cutter offer a comfortable grip during prolonged use. The non-slip handles provide a secure hold, reducing hand fatigue and enhancing user control.

Durable Construction Crafted from high-quality materials, this wire stripper and cutter are durable and built to last.
Its robust construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable tool for both professional electricians and DIY enthusiasts.

Versatile Use Suitable for a wide range of applications, so including electrical work, home wiring projects, automotive repairs, and DIY crafts.
It’s a versatile tool that simplifies wire preparation tasks in various settings.

Safety Features Designed with safety in mind, the Multitec 150b Wire Stripper and Cutter include features such as a locking mechanism to secure the tool when not in use.
This prevents accidental injuries and ensures safe storage.


  • An improved handle for extra comfort and grip.
  • Sharp cutting edge.
  • Suitable for industrial applications.
  • H-8mm L-13cm W-80 gm.
  • Fast cutting action with black oxide finish.
  • Strips and cuts wire 12-24 gauge.
  • Sharp cutting edges for all industrial uses.
  • Wire Gauge screw in slot holds stripping die to the proper size for repeated jobs and prevent nipped wire.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 4-Channel 5V IR Relay.

Weight 0.25 kg


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