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Mastech MAS830L Digital Multimeter



  1. Brand: Mastech
  2. DC Voltage utpo 600V (In 5 Ranges)
  3. AC Voltage utpo 600V (In 2 Ranges)
  4. DC Current up to 10A (In 5 Ranges)
  5. Resistance up to 2 M.OHMS (In 5 Ranges)
  6. Tests AC/DC Voltage, DC Current and Resistance
  7. Transistor Check, Diode and Continuity Test

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The Mastech MAS830L Digital Multimeter proves indispensable for electrical measurements, serving both professionals and hobbyists. Its advanced features and applications make it a must-have tool.


  • Precision Measurements: The MAS830L delivers accurate readings of voltage, current, resistance, and more, ensuring dependable results in various electrical tasks.
  • Large LCD Display: Its large, easy-to-read LCD screen enhances visibility, allowing for quick and clear readings, even in low-light conditions.
  • Auto-Ranging Function: This multimeter automatically selects the appropriate measurement range, making it user-friendly and eliminating the need for manual range adjustments.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with overload protection and a sturdy design, it ensures user safety during testing.
  • Data Hold Function: The data hold feature freezes readings on the display, enabling users to record values in hard-to-reach or cramped spaces.
  • Continuity Test: The audible continuity buzzer simplifies circuit testing by providing an audible signal when a circuit is complete.


  • Electrical Troubleshooting: Ideal for diagnosing electrical issues in homes, automotive systems, and industrial equipment, it offers precise voltage and current measurements.
  • DIY Projects: Useful for DIY enthusiasts working on electronics, wiring, or home improvement tasks. Its versatility also allows for component testing and circuit building.
  • Fieldwork: Its portable design makes it suitable for on-site measurements in various environments, a convenience for technicians.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Mastech MAS830L Digital Multimeter


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