20 watt hot melt DIY glue gun 7mm with switch good quality


  1. Voltage: 110-220V
  2. Power consumption: 40W
  3. Melt Temperature(°C): 190 (± 10)
  4. Use Glue Stick Size: 11MM
  5. Trigger-freed mechanism controls glue flow
  6. 40 watts Black Glue Gun with Instruction on the Back Side.
  7. Thermostat, Speed Melt (Internal PTC Heating Element).
  8. Hot Melt Glue Gun Solid Body, The use of Advanced Engineering Plastic Manufacturing.

Glue gun is basically a portable device which dispense hot melted adhesives. The adhesive which is also called Glue Stick is inserted on the top side of the glue gun. It then is melted by heating process in the glue gun and the glue is squeezed out of the heated nozzle. This glue is very hot and sticky after it cools downs it solidifies which may take 30-50 seconds.


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