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Double Sided Tape Heat Resistant




  • Wonder 25 mm Strong Acrylic Adhesive Clear Double Sided Tape Heat Resistant Double-sided Transparent Clear Adhesive Tape 25 Mts.

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Double-sided tape, known for its heat-resistant properties, finds application in various industries and scenarios. Its specifications, which are characterized by their ability to withstand elevated temperatures, make it a versatile choice for numerous tasks.


  • Temperature Tolerance: Transitioning to the specifications of double-sided tape designed for heat resistance, it typically offers a temperature tolerance range of -40°C to 150°C (-40°F to 302°F). This wide range renders it highly suitable for applications where substantial temperature variations occur.
  • Backing Material:The tape commonly incorporates a backing material composed of heat-resistant substances such as polyester, polyimide, or glass cloth. This particular choice of backing material significantly contributes to the tape’s capacity to endure high temperatures.
  • Release Liner: To safeguard the integrity of the adhesive, a release liner is frequently employed. This liner, typically crafted from silicone-coated paper or film, serves as a protective barrier until the tape is ready for application.


  • Automotive Industry: Within the automotive sector, double-sided tape plays a pivotal role in securing trim and moldings, owing to its ability to withstand the elevated temperatures that arise within a vehicle’s interior.
  • Construction: In the realm of construction, this tape finds extensive use in the attachment of insulation materials and the sealing of joints, particularly in environments subject to significant temperature fluctuations.

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Package Includes :-

  • 1 x Strong Acrylic Adhesive Clear Double Sided Tape Heat Resistant.

Weight 0.2 kg


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