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R385 Aquarium water Pump



  1. Working Voltage-DC 6-12V
  2. Working Current-0.5-0.7A
  3. The maximum head range of 3m.
  4. Works with liquids of up to 80C.
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The R385 Aquarium Water Pump stands as a vital component in maintaining a healthy aquatic environment, ensuring efficient water.
With its compact design and robust performance, this water pump proves to be an indispensable tool for aquarium enthusiasts.

To begin with, the R385 Aquarium Water Pump operates with exceptional efficiency, providing a reliable means of water movement within the aquarium.
This is crucial for preventing stagnation and promoting a well-aerated environment, essential for the overall health of fish, plants, and other aquatic organisms.

Furthermore, transitioning to its design, this water pump features a compact and space-saving form factor, making it suitable for aquariums of various sizes.
The compact nature of the pump allows for versatile placement within the aquarium, ensuring optimal water circulation without occupying excessive space.

In terms of versatility, the R385 Water Pump is equipped with adjustable flow settings, allowing users to customize the water.
This flexibility is particularly beneficial for accommodating different aquatic species with varying water flow preferences.

The transition to its motor capabilities highlights the pump’s low energy consumption, providing an efficient solution for maintaining water circulation.
This energy-efficient design aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability and responsible energy usage in aquarium maintenance.

The straightforward setup process allows aquarium enthusiasts, regardless of their expertise level, to integrate the pump seamlessly into their aquatic systems.
The ease of maintenance ensures that users can keep their aquariums running smoothly without the burden of complex upkeep.


  • Recommended voltage ratings are 9v 1A or 12v 1A.
  • Maximum suck range of 2m.
  • The maximum head range of 3m.
  • Works with liquids of up to 80C.
  • The maximum flow rate of up to 1 3L/min

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x R385 Aquarium water Pump.


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