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Copper Clad Plate Laminate Single Side PCB


FR4 Copper Clad Plate Laminate Single Side PCB is a glass fiber epoxy resin-based PCB with copper foil on one side.

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A “Copper Clad Plate Laminate Single Side PCB” is a type of printed circuit board (PCB) designed for electronic applications. This PCB consists of a base material or substrate that has been coated or laminated with a single layer of copper on one side, leaving the other side without any copper traces or components.


  • Base Material: Typically made of materials like FR-4 (Flame Retardant 4), a widely used PCB substrate material.
  • Copper Thickness: The thickness of the copper layer on the single side, often specified in ounces per square foot (oz/ft²) or micrometers (µm).
  • Board Thickness: The overall thickness of the PCB, measured in millimeters (mm).
  • Copper Clad Type: Single-sided, indicating that copper traces and components are present on one side of the board.
  • Solder Mask: The presence or absence of a solder mask on the copper side, which provides insulation and protection.
  • Silkscreen: May include component outlines, labels, or markings on the copper side.
  • Dielectric Constant: The dielectric constant of the substrate material used.
  • Operating Temperature: The temperature range within which the PCB operates effectively.
  • IPC Class: May adhere to IPC (Institute for Printed Circuits) standards for quality.
  • Tolerances: Tolerances for dimensions, copper thickness, and other critical parameters.


  • Prototyping: Ideal for creating and testing simple electronic circuit prototypes before moving to more complex designs.
  • Education: Because its used in electronics and electrical engineering courses for hands-on learning and experimentation.
  • Amateur Radio (Ham Radio): Likewise, In simple radio transmitter and receiver projects for hobbyists and enthusiasts.
  • LED Lighting: For basic LED driver circuits and lighting control in small-scale lighting projects.
  • Remote Control Systems: In DIY remote control projects for hobbyist applications.
  • Consumer Electronics: Because its in used in simpler consumer electronics like calculators, basic audio amplifiers, and electronic toys.
  • Operating Temperature: The temperature range within which the PCB operates effectively.
  • Basic Timer Circuits: For creating timing and delay circuits in various applications.
  • Basic Audio Amplification: In small audio amplifier projects for amplifying audio signals.
  • Low-Frequency Applications: In circuits operating at lower frequencies, such as audio circuits.
  • Power Supplies: For basic voltage regulation and power supply circuitry.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Copper Clad Plate Laminate Single Side PCB.

Weight 0.2 kg


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