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Copper Clad Laminate Double Side PCB 100 x 75 x 1.5 mm


FR4 Copper Clad Laminate Double Side PCB is one of the most commonly used PCBs in the world. It consists of a glass fiber laminate as a reinforcing material on the core, with copper-clad on both sides.

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The “Copper Clad Laminate Double Side PCB” is a specialized printed circuit board designed for electronic applications. Measuring 100 x 75 x 1.5 mm, this double-sided PCB offers a solid substrate with copper foil on both sides for circuitry. The board’s compact size and dual-sided copper make it suitable for a wide range of electronic projects, from prototyping to more complex applications.


  • Type: Double-sided copper-clad laminate PCB.
  • Dimensions: 100 x 75 x 1.5 mm (length x width x thickness).
  • Material: Made from a laminate material with copper foil on both sides.
  • Copper Thickness: Specifies the thickness of the copper layers (e.g., 1 oz, 2 oz, etc.).
  • Surface Finish: May include finishes like HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling), ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold), or OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives).
  • Solder Mask: Presence of solder mask for protection and insulation.
  • Silkscreen: Optionally includes component outlines, labels, or markings.
  • Hole Size and Tolerance: Specifies the drill hole size and tolerance for component mounting.
  • Layers: Double-sided, indicating copper traces on both the top and bottom layers.
  • Dielectric Constant: Specifies the dielectric constant of the substrate material.


  • Electronic Prototyping: Ideal for designing and testing electronic circuits, making it an essential tool for hobbyists and engineers.
  • Consumer Electronics: Because its used in the production of various consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and audio devices.
  • Computers: Moreover, found in computer motherboards, graphics cards, and expansion cards.
  • Communication Devices: Because its used in routers, modems, and networking equipment.
  • Automotive Electronics: Found in automotive control systems, engine management units, and infotainment systems.
  • Industrial Control: Used in industrial automation and control systems.
  • Robotics: Because its used in the control systems of robots and robotic arms.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Copper Clad Laminate Double Side PCB 100 x 75 x 1.5 mm

Weight 0.2 kg


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