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4 Wheels with 2 Belts



  • Pulley requires wide belt
  • Other :Pulley Wheel 2×7 can be easily installed on any type of geared DC motors.
  • Hole Diameter :6.3 mm
  • Thickness :2 cm
  • Wheel Dia :66 mm
  • Color: Black

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The set of 4 x Wheels with 2 x Belts is an essential kit in robotics, automation, and DIY projects, providing mobility and versatility to various devices.
They can withstand wear and tear, making them suitable for continuous use in robotics projects.

The wheels provide smooth movement on different surfaces, so enabling robots and devices to navigate efficiently. Their traction and stability make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The inclusion of 2 belts enhances the traction and power distribution of the wheels.
The dual belt system ensures a secure grip, preventing slips and enhancing the overall performance of the robotics platform.
This universality allows for easy integration with different motors, making them adaptable to a wide range of robotic projects.

DIY-Friendly: The kit is user-friendly and suitable for DIY enthusiasts and beginners.
It comes with easy-to-assemble components, allowing hobbyists to build custom robots and vehicles for educational or recreational purposes.

These wheels and belts are versatile and find applications in robotics competitions, educational projects, home automation systems, and prototype development.
They are also used in small-scale conveyors and automation setups.

The precise movement provided by these wheels is crucial for robotic applications requiring accurate control, such as line-following robots, maze solvers, and remote-controlled vehicles.


    1. Automated Vehicles: DIY robotic vehicles, such as automated toy cars and small drones, utilize these wheels and belts for movement.
    2. Educational Kits: Educational institutions use these wheels in robotics kits for teaching students about mechanics, engineering, and programming.
    3. Prototype Development: Engineers and developers use these wheels to prototype robotic systems and test different algorithms and control methods. The wheels’ reliability and ease of use make them valuable for rapid prototyping.
    4. Hobbyist Projects: Hobbyists and makers incorporate these wheels and belts into various DIY projects, such as automated pet feeders, remote-controlled robots, and interactive art installations.
    5. Industrial Automation: In small-scale industrial automation setups, these wheels are used in conveyor systems and robotic arms.

In summary, the set of 4 wheels with 2 belts is a versatile and indispensable kit for robotics enthusiasts, engineers, and educators.


  • Vehicles and Belt/Tank style robot
  • Remotely Operated Robotic
  • Enhanced Control
  • Dual Belt System
  • Easy Mobility
  • High-Quality Materials:

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Package Includes:

    • 1 x 4 x Wheels with 2 x Belts.

Weight 0.15 kg


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