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embsys GSM Modem Quectel 95



  • It allows sensors and alarms to communicate
  • The Quectel 95 GSM Modem
  • Its quad-band support and global compatibility are highly valued
  • Developers find it easy to work
  • Users often praise the Quectel 95
  • embsys GSM Modem Quectel 95

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The EMBSYS GSM Modem Quectel 95 is a robust and efficient communication device designed for seamless wireless connectivity in various applications.

High-Speed Connectivity The Quectel 95 GSM modem provides high-speed data transmission over GSM networks, ensuring swift and reliable communication.
It supports multiple frequency bands, so enabling global compatibility and seamless roaming capabilities.

Data Transmission Facilitates efficient data transmission, allowing devices to send and receive data packets over GSM networks.
This feature is vital for IoT applications, remote monitoring, and telemetry systems, enabling real-time data exchange.

SMS and Voice Calls Supports SMS (Short Message Service) and voice calls, enabling communication in both text and voice formats.
It ensures versatile communication options, because this making it suitable for applications requiring alert notifications and voice-based interactions.

Secure Communication Offers secure communication channels, ensuring data privacy and integrity.
It employs encryption protocols and secure communication methods, making it suitable for applications handling sensitive information.

Low Power Consumption Designed for low power operation, the Quectel 95 GSM modem conserves energy, making it suitable for battery-powered devices.
Its energy efficiency extends the operational life of devices, especially in remote and portable applications.

AT Commands Communicates with microcontrollers and host systems using AT commands, simplifying the integration process.
This user-friendly interface allows for seamless configuration and control, reducing development time and effort.

Antenna Options Supports external antennas, allowing users to optimize signal strength and reception based on specific deployment scenarios.
This flexibility ensures reliable communication even in challenging environments with weak signals.

GPIO Pins Equipped with General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins, enabling interfacing with sensors, actuators, and other electronic components.
This versatility enhances its application range, but allowing it to interact with the external environment.

Features :

  • Wide Range of Input Supply 5v-24v DC RS232
  • output Push-to-Lock Push-to-Release SIM Card Holder.
  • Wide Range of Input Supply 5v-24v DC.
  • Protocols support: PPP/TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP/SMTP/MUX
  • Interface: Both RS232 output and UART TTL 3.3v Output

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Package Includes:

    • 1 x embsys GSM Modem Quectel 95.

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