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Fire Alarm Kit



  • This circuit senses excess temperature of around 70 degree celsius .
  • The sensor is a germanium diode DR25 connected in reverse bais.
  • Reverse resistance of the diode drops at higher temperature that triggers the timer IC 555.
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The Fire Alarm Kit emerges as a comprehensive and reliable solution for safeguarding lives and property. This versatile kit integrates seamlessly into various environments, providing a robust fire detection and alert system.

At its core, the Fire Kit is designed to swiftly detect the presence of smoke or heat, initiating prompt response mechanisms.
Equipped with advanced sensors, it ensures early detection, mitigating potential risks and minimizing damage.

Transitioning to its components, the kit comprises state-of-the-art smoke detectors, strategically positioned to cover designated areas effectively.
These detectors employ cutting-edge technology, enhancing sensitivity while minimizing false alarms, a crucial factor in maintaining the system’s credibility.

Upon detection, the Kit seamlessly activates its alert system, featuring loud sirens and flashing lights.
This immediate response mechanism is crucial in swiftly notifying occupants of the potential danger, allowing for timely evacuation and emergency response.

Moreover, the kit’s user-friendly interface facilitates easy installation and configuration.
Clear and concise instructions guide users through the setup process,
In terms of connectivity, the Fire Alarm Kit offers seamless integration with smart home systems.

This feature not only enhances user convenience but also enables remote monitoring and control, providing real-time updates on the status of the alarm system.
Robust housing and tamper-resistant features contribute to the kit’s resilience, ensuring consistent performance in diverse environmental conditions.

Moreover, the Fire Alarm Kit adheres to stringent safety standards and regulations. This commitment to compliance underscores its reliability in critical situations, instilling confidence in users that the system will perform optimally when needed most.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Fire Alarm Kit.


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