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65mm robot wheel for bo motors yellow



  1. Car hub is reinforced nylon, very sturdy.
  2. Tire with sponge liner for more strength
  3. With upgraded tire tread for greater friction
  4. New design wheel for better combination with the motor

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The 65mm Robot Wheel, crafted for BO motors, stands out with its vibrant yellow hue and serves as an integral component in robotics and mechatronics. Below, we furnish comprehensive details, specifications, and examples illustrating its applications.


  • Diameter: Boasting a 65mm diameter, it strikes a balance between stability and mobility, rendering it suitable for a wide spectrum of robotic applications.
  • Mounting: Typically equipped with a secure mounting mechanism, it ensures a stable connection to BO motors.
  • Weight: Its lightweight construction minimizes the robot’s overall load, contributing to enhanced energy efficiency.


  • Educational Robotics: Additionally it is applied in educational settings to impart robotics concepts and principles effectively.
  • Mobile Robots: Employed for mobile robots, enabling autonomous navigation and precise movement.
  • DIY Projects: A favored choice among hobbyists and makers in their DIY robotics ventures, enhancing overall functionality.
  • Line Following Robots: Utilized in line-following robots, where precise control and traction are crucial for tracking lines accurately.
  • Competition Robotics: Enhances a robot’s agility and performance in robotics competitions, so it gives a competitive edge.
  • Research Platforms: Because integrated into research platforms for experiments spanning diverse fields like computer vision and machine learning.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 65mm robot wheel for bo motors yellow


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