Spacers And Standoffs


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Both spacers and standoffs are commonly used within electronic assemblies. They are used to provide space for cooling airflow and provide electrical insulation.
What is the purpose of installing standoffs and spacers between the motherboard and the case? The standoff serves as a barrier between the motherboard and the metal case. If the metals were to touch, it could cause a short circuit and ruin your computer.
Female-female round standoffs are threaded fasteners that have female threads on each end for connecting male threaded parts. They have a round, smooth body for a clean look and tighten by hand onto a screw.
Spacers are made of rubber bands or metal rings. Your orthodontist may place them between your molars during an appointment. Spacers push your jaw forward by adding space at the back of your mouth. They also make room for your braces if the back of your mouth is too tight to fit them properly

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