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XT60 Male connector with 14 awg silicon wire 10cm


The XT60 Male w/ 14AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (1pcs/bag) is useful while connecting your battery and ESC. These are widely used Li-PO battery connectors XT60 Male w/ 14AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (1pcs/bag) makes the connection between the battery and motor easier.

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The “0-12-500mA Step-Down Transformer XT60 Male Connector with 14 AWG Silicon Wire 10cm” is a compact transformer with an XT60 male connector at one end and 14 AWG silicon wire extending 10cm. It steps down voltage for low-power electronics.The 0-12-500mA step-down transformer, also known as a 12V 500mA step-down transformer, is a compact and versatile electrical device designed for various applications where voltage reduction and current regulation are necessary. Here is a brief overview of its description, common applications, and key features:


  • RC Models: Provides stable power to RC cars also drones, and boats.
  • DIY Electronics: Additionally used in DIY projects, custom power supplies, and microcontroller applications.
  • LED Lighting: Suitable for LED strips, modules, and bulbs.
  • Battery Charging: Additionally integrates into battery chargers for safe charging.


  • Input and Output Ratings: Accepts 0-12V input, outputs regulated 12V DC at 500mA.
  • Compact Design: Lightweight and easy to integrate.
  • XT60 Male Connector: Ensures secure connections in RC hobbyist applications.
  • 14 AWG Silicon Wire: Offers flexibility and durability.
  • Safety: Includes overcurrent and thermal protection.
  • Efficiency: Minimizes power losses during operation.

Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 2XT60 Male connector with 14 awg silicon wire 10cm .

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