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Hydraulic Crane – science kit



  • How do hydraulic power pick up heavy things and move them around? Find out the scientific secret with Hydraulic Crane Toy – a DIY wooden construction toy that kids can move around two axes and use to lift objects. Endless hours of joytime is guaranteed!

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The Hydraulic Crane Science Kit is an interactive educational tool that introduces students to the fascinating world of hydraulic engineering and mechanical physics.
Designed to enhance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, this kit allows learners to explore the principles of fluid dynamics, pressure, and mechanical advantage in a hands-on and engaging manner.

The kit provides all the necessary components to build a functioning hydraulic crane.
Students can assemble the crane themselves, so gaining practical insights into hydraulic systems and their applications.

By manipulating syringes and tubes filled with water, so students learn about Pascal’s law and hydraulic pressure.
They discover how force applied at one point in a fluid is transmitted equally in all directions, enabling them to lift objects using hydraulic power.

The crane demonstrates the concept of mechanical advantage, but showcasing how a small force applied to one syringe can lift a significantly heavier load on the other syringe.
This highlights the efficiency of hydraulic systems in amplifying force.

Students understand the real-world applications of hydraulic cranes in so various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and transportation.
They grasp the importance of hydraulic machinery in simplifying complex tasks.

The kit encourages critical thinking as students experiment with different syringe sizes and water volumes to optimize the crane’s lifting capacity.
They explore the relationship between pressure, force, and area, honing their problem-solving skills.

The kit includes a comprehensive manual with step-by-step instructions, scientific explanations, and suggested experiments.
This educational resource enhances the learning experience, but providing structured guidance for students and educators.


  • This force is in turn transmitted through the balloon to lift the book
  • SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION: The weight of the water in the funnel creates enough pressure to force water into the balloon
  • KEY CONCEPTS: Hydraulics & Engineering, Forces & Motion, Weights & Balances, Simple Machines, Earth Moving Equipment, Fluid Mechanics
  • KEY SKILLS: Creativity & Imagination, Science & Technology, Fine Motor Development, Cognitive Development, Critical Thinking, Mechanics & Machines
  • An engaging activity for your child to learn and explore the world of science
  • The kit contains all the elements essential to build a fully-functional Hydraulic Crane with steady base and 120 degrees movable claw.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Hydraulic Crane – science kit.


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