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This is a 2000W Thyristor SCR Voltage Regulator Temperature Dimmer for Speed / Light (AC 220V). 2000W Thyristor SCR Voltage Regulator is SCR Dimmer which can be used to control 220V Appliances. It can be used as a light dimmer, fan speed controller, stove temperature controller. It is easy and simple to use and can control appliances up to 2000W!

Just give AC input to the module and connect the appliance at the output of the module, then use the onboard potentiometer knob to adjust and set the required power output from your 220V Device.

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The “2000W Thyristor High-Power Electronic Regulator” is an advanced electronic device designed for controlling and regulating high-power electrical systems. It employs thyristor technology to efficiently manage the flow of electrical energy also making it suitable for various industrial and commercial applications.


  • Industrial Control: The 2000W Thyristor High-Power Electronic Regulator industrial settings to regulate electrical equipment like motors and heaters also enhancing productivity and safety.
  • Heating Systems: Enables precise temperature control in electric heating systems, ovens, and furnaces, maintaining efficiency.
  • Voltage Stabilization: Also stabilizes voltage in grids or circuits, ensuring steady power supply to sensitive equipment.
  • Lighting Management: Manages high-power lighting, enabling dimming or intensity adjustments.


  • High Power (2000W): Additionally Controls substantial electrical loads for demanding applications.
  • Thyristor Technology: Also Employs efficient thyristors for power control.
  • Precise Control: Also Offers accurate voltage/current level adjustment.
  • Fast Response: Quickly reacts to input signal changes.
  • Protection: Also Includes overcurrent, thermal, and surge protection.
  • User-Friendly Interface: ALso Some models have digital displays for easy monitoring.
  • Reliable: Built for durability in demanding industrial environments.
  • Versatile: Suitable for various applications requiring precise power, voltage control, or heating management.

Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 24V 10Amps SMPS.

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