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Touch Sensor (TTP223B Module Capacitive Touch Switch)


The Digital Sensor TTP223B Module Capacitive Touch Switch is based on a touch-sensing IC (TTP223B) capacitive touch switch module. Allows you to remove the worry of conventional push-type keys.

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The Touch Sensor (TTP223B Module Capacitive Touch Switch) is a capacitive touch switch module that utilizes capacitive touch sensing technology to detect touch or proximity.Because it is designed to simplify the integration of touch-sensitive controls into various electronic projects and devices


  • Low Power Consumption: Touch Sensor (TTP223B Module Capacitive Touch Switch) operates with low power, crucial for battery-powered devices and energy-efficient applications also extending battery life.
  • LED Indicator: Some modules feature LEDs for touch event feedback and interface design, aiding user interaction.
  • Toggle and Momentary Modes: The module configures for toggle or momentary modes, catering to diverse scenarios.
  • Wide Voltage Range:Because it operates over a broad voltage range, simplifying integration with various power supplies and microcontrollers.


  • Interactive Displays: TTP223B modules empower interactive displays and kiosks also enhancing user experiences.
  • Robotics: Integrated into robots for touch-based control, boosting robotic functionality.
  • Gaming: Used in gaming consoles and controllers for touch-sensitive gameplay.
  • Medical Devices: Enhance medical device usability with touch-sensitive interfaces.
  • DIY Electronics: Popular in DIY projects for custom touch-sensitive creations.
  • Education: Utilized in educational kits to teach capacitive touch technology.
  • Security Systems: Apply in security systems for touch-based control of alarms and cameras.

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