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3Kg Load cell – Electronic Weighing Scale Sensor



  • Capacity: 3KG
  • Rated output(MV/V): 2.0±0.15
  • Accuracy class: C2
  • Maximum number of laod cell verification intervals(N max): 2000
  • Minimum number of laod cell verification intervals(Vmin): EMax/5000
  • Combined error(%RO): <±0.030
  • Creep(%RO/30min): 0.03

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The “3Kg Load Cell – Electronic Weighing Scale Sensor” functions as an essential component in electronic weighing scales. This sensor accurately measures the weight of placed objects by converting applied force into an electrical signal, which is then processed by the scale’s electronics to display the weight on the screen.

Moreover, due to their exceptional accuracy and reliability, load cells find widespread use in various industries. Furthermore, they play vital roles in industrial settings, including inventory management, quality assurance, and materials testing. Additionally, load cells serve as critical components in medical devices like patient scales and household scales for measuring food portions or luggage weights.

Furthermore, the “3Kg Load Cell” explicitly specifies its capacity to handle weights up to 20 kilograms, making it highly suitable for numerous applications requiring precise weight measurement. These applications include manufacturing processes, shipping logistics, and retail operations, to name just a few. Furthermore, this load cell’s versatility and accuracy make it a valuable tool in diverse scenarios where weight measurement precision is essential.


  • Kitchen Scales
  • Postal and Shipping
  • Medical Scales
  • Industrial Weighing
  • Laboratory Research:


  • Electronic platform scale
  • Digital scale
  • Parcel post scale
  • Electronic balance

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 3Kg Load cell – Electronic Weighing Scale Sensor.

Weight 0.51 kg


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