PIR motion sensor module


passive infrared (PIR) motion detector module that detects motion by measuring changes in the infrared (heat/black body radiation) levels emitted by objects (people and animals) in front of it.

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The PIR module actually consists of a pyroelectric sensor (looks like an old metal transistor with a black window on the top), which generates energy when exposed to heat, and it?s tied in closely with a special (horizontally sensitive) filter called a Fresnel lens, which focuses the infrared waves onto the pyroelectric sensor. There?s also a PIR sensor controller IC and its associated components that give a TTL-level output if an object is detected. The module has a three-pin interface header (VCC/OUT/GND) and two trimpots to adjust the detection sensitivity (~3 to 7 meters) and output delay. Usually, the delay can be adjusted from about 0.2 seconds (default) to 300 seconds. The module has a two-way jumper for selecting trigger modes as well. The first (default) mode is single-trigger (L), and the second mode is the re-trigger (H). In the first mode, the sensor?s output returns to its initial state after the delay time, but the second mode retains the output active forever until the detected object vanishes!

Furthermore, the vacant solder pads near the three-pin interface header is for mounting a light-dependent resistor (LDR/CdS cell). This, if added, causes the detector to be operational only when the detection area is sufficiently dark. However, there?s a need for a little hack to enable this option, which will be described in the next paragraph. Sadly, I?ve not tried the ?thermistor? hack yet and, hence, have nothing to share about it now.

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