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2.8 inch SPI Screen Module TFT Interface 240 x 320 without Touch


Quick Overview:

  • Size: Generous 2.8-inch diagonal display.
  • Resolution: High 240×320 pixels.
  • Interface Options: Offers 8-bit and SPI modes.
  • Color Depth: Rich 262K/65K color options.
  • Functionality: Includes MicroSD card socket.
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The 2.8 inch SPI Screen Module TFT Interface 240 x 320 without Touch offers a vivid and expansive visual experience with its 240×320 pixel resolution and vibrant RGB pixel control, surpassing the capabilities of traditional black and white displays. Whether you opt for the 8-bit mode requiring 12 digital control lines or the more streamlined SPI mode with just 5 pins, this versatile display module accommodates various project needs. Its SPI compatibility enables seamless integration with microcontrollers, complemented by high-speed level shifters for 3-5V operation. Additionally, the onboard MicroSD card socket facilitates image display, enhancing the display’s functionality. With a wide viewing angle and color depth options of 262K/65K, this TFT display module promises immersive visuals suitable for a range of applications.

Wrapped in an accessible breakout board design, this 2.8-inch SPI Non-Touch Screen Module presents a convenient solution for display projects. Offering both SPI and 8-bit interfaces, it caters to diverse integration preferences while ensuring compatibility with any microcontroller. With its expansive display area and impressive resolution, this module delivers crisp visuals, enriched by its wide viewing angle and vibrant color depth options. Whether you require intricate graphics or detailed text, this TFT display module excels, providing a dynamic platform for creative endeavors and functional applications alike.


  • Sharp Resolution Display: Boasts 240×320 pixels.
  • Vivid Color Options: 262K/65K color depth.
  • Flexible Connectivity Support: 8-bit and SPI modes.
  • Image Expansion Capability: MicroSD card socket.
  • Optimal Viewing Experience: Wide viewing angle.


  • Embedded Systems Displays: Ideal for embedded projects.
  • Graphic User Interfaces: Enhances GUI applications.
  • Interactive Information Panels: Suitable for interactive displays.
  • Data Visualization Platforms: Perfect for data visualization.
  • Gaming and Entertainment: Enhances gaming experiences.

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Package Includes :

  • 1 x 2.8 inch SPI Screen Module TFT Interface 240 x 320 without Touch


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