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20×4 Character LCD Display




  • Model: JHD629 B/W
  • Display: 20×4 character
  • Outline: 98.0×60.0×14.0
  • VA: 76.0×25.2
  • Controller: SPLC780D
  • Character: 2.95×4.75
  • Driver: 1/16

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20×4 character LCD Display if you want to incorporate visual output into your Arduino projects, you’ll require a display. The LCD 20 x 4 Parallel LCD Display serves as a viable solution if you need a modest display option. This display, measuring 20×4 characters, offers a straightforward and cost-effective means of integrating a 20 x 4 white on RGB Liquid Crystal Display into your project. It boasts a high-contrast white text on a blue background, ensuring clear visibility.

This LCD display features a striking yellow backlight, making it an excellent choice for Arduino-based projects. Its compatibility with Arduino or other microcontrollers simplifies the interfacing process. The display can showcase values ranging from simple text to numerical data obtained from sensors like temperature or pressure, or even the number of cycles performed by the Arduino.

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Note: This is a genuine JHD Display as there are many fake JHD Displays in the Market.

Features :

  • 20 characters wide, 4 rows
  • Black text on the Blue background
  • Single LED backlight included.
  • Can be fully controlled with only 6 digital lines.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x 20×4 character LCD Display.

Weight 0.2 kg


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