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16×2 LCD Display Base Board


This is a LCD Display base board for easy use of 16×2 LCD display. It is also suitable for 20×4 LCD display

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The 16×2 LCD Display Base Board, a versatile and indispensable electronic component, offers a wide array of specifications and applications owing to its remarkable features.


  • Display Configuration: Because this base board is designed to accommodate a 16×2 LCD display, providing a clear and concise visual output.
  • Communication Interface: It offers multiple communication interfaces, including I2C and SPI, enhancing flexibility in connectivity and control.
  • Input Voltage Range: With an input voltage range typically spanning from 3.3V to 5V, because this base board is compatible .
  • Integrated Potentiometer: It comes equipped with an integrated potentiometer for contrast adjustment because it enabling optimal visibility.
  • Compact Form Factor: Its compact and user-friendly design ensures efficient integration into various electronic setups.


  • Information Displays: In information display systems, this base board serves as a key component.
  • IoT Devices: In the Internet of Things (IoT) realm, the base board plays a pivotal role in IoT devices by offering an intuitive
  • Measurement Instruments: This board is commonly incorporated into measurement instruments and data loggers.
  • Consumer Electronics: In consumer electronics, such as home appliances and entertainment systems.
  • Prototyping and Education: The base board is invaluable for prototyping and educational purposes, enabling students.

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