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DPDT two side switches center off


A DPDT switch can be used in any application that needs an open & closed wiring system. The best example of this is, modeling of the railroad, that makes use of small scaled railways and trains, cars and bridges

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DPDT (Double-Pole, Double-Throw) two-side switches with a center-off position offer unique features and applications:


  • Versatile Configuration: DPDT switches feature six terminals, enabling two independent circuits for diverse connections.
  • Center-Off Position: These switches provide a central resting point, also known as “off,” ideal for applications requiring a neutral or idle state.
  • Double-Pole Design: DPDT switches sport two separate poles, enabling the simultaneous and independent control of two devices.
  • Robust Build: Their sturdy construction ensures durability, rendering them suitable for both industrial and consumer applications.
  • Easy Actuation: The well-engineered design of these switches ensures smooth and reliable actuation.


  • Motor Reversal Control: Moreover, DPDT switches effectively reverse motor rotation by toggling between two power sources.
  • Audio Equipment: Commonly employed in audio equipment for selecting different audio sources or speakers.
  • Lighting Control: Utilized in lighting control circuits to independently switch two sets of lights or create customized lighting effects.
  • Safety Systems: In safety systems, the center-off position guarantees a fail-safe mode or enables emergency stop functionality.
  • Automotive Electronics: DPDT switches find application in automotive functions such as windshield wiper control or headlight selection.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x DPDT two side switches center off


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