6A 250V AC SPST ON-OFF Round Rocker Switch (1Pc)



1.On/Off SPST Rocker Switch

2.Rating : 6A/250V AC


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This is a simple On/Off SPST Rocker Switch. There are no screws needed; it simply clips into place.

This is a simple two-pin switch; simply cut one of the two power wires and solder each end to the unit.

This 6A 250V AC On-Off Rocker Switch is ideal for controlling power to electronic circuits, robots, and other similar devices.

It is the best On/Off Rocker Switch with a high load rating and the ideal size for all general-purpose On/Off applications.


Rating 6A/250V AC
Switch Mode ON-OFF
Switch Type: Rocker Switch, SPST
Number of Pins: 2
Outer Diameter 23mm
Height 29mm
Mounting Whole Diameter 20mm
Pon Pitch 7.8mm


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