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6A 250V AC SPST ON-OFF Round Rocker Switch (1Pc)


  • Rating
  • 6A/250V AC
  • Switch Mode
  • ON-OFF
  • Switch Type:
  • Rocker Switch, SPST
  • Number of Pins:
  • 2
  • Outer Diameter
  • 23mm
  • Height
  • 29mm
  • Mounting Whole Diameter
  • 20mm
  • Pon Pitch
  • 7.8mm
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The 6A 250V AC SPST ON-OFF Round Rocker Switch is a versatile electrical component for controlling circuit connections across diverse applications. Additionally its round rocker design ensures a straightforward and dependable method for toggling electrical circuits on and off.


  • Current and Voltage Rating: Capable of handling 6A at 250V AC, this switch suits a broad range of electrical systems and equipment.
  • SPST Configuration: Featuring a Single-Pole, Single-Throw setup, it enables the opening and closing of a single circuit.
  • Rocker Design: With its user-friendly round rocker design, it offers an easily accessible surface for actuation.
  • Mounting: Designed for panel mounting, likewise it ensures secure and stable installation on various surfaces.
  • Switching Action: Because the switch offers a straightforward ON-OFF function, simplifying circuit control for users.


    • Consumer Electronics: Widely used in consumer devices like lamps, fans, and kitchen appliances for convenient power control.
    • Automotive: Integrated into vehicles to operate functions such as headlights, interior lights, and auxiliary accessories.
    • Industrial Machinery: Applied in industrial equipment and machinery for circuit control and safety features.
    • Home Automation: Utilized in home automation systems to control lighting, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), and various appliances.
    • Power Tools: Found in power tools and equipment for easy activation and deactivation.
    • Audio Equipment: Incorporated into audio devices like amplifiers and mixers for power management.
    • Office Equipment: Used in office machines such as printers and photocopiers for circuit control.
    • Medical Devices: Applied in medical equipment for functions like equipment power cycling and mode selection.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 6A 250V AC SPST ON-OFF Round Rocker Switch (1Pc)


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