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470nF 0805 Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitor (40 Pcs)


470nF 0805 Surface Mount Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor is a rectangular block of ceramic dielectric in which a number of interleaved metal electrodes are contained.

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The 470nF 0805 Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitor (40 Pcs), available in a pack of 40, is a key component in modern electronics, offering compact size and reliable performance.
Featuring a capacitance of 470nF, so these ceramic capacitors are suitable for tasks that require energy storage, noise filtering, or coupling within electronic circuits.
The 0805 package size makes them ideal for densely populated circuit boards, where space is often a critical factor.

The ceramic construction ensures durability and stability in various environmental conditions, providing consistent performance over time.
With a 470nF capacitance rating, so these capacitors strike a balance between different capacitance values, making them versatile for a range of electronic projects.

This ease of integration is particularly advantageous for prototyping and production environments.
The pack of 40 offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for stocking up on these essential components.

This size factor is particularly advantageous in situations where space is limited, allowing for efficient placement and integration.
The ceramic construction of these capacitors ensures durability and stability, but enabling consistent performance across different environmental conditions.
This reliability is crucial for the longevity of electronic devices and systems.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 470nF 0805 Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitor (40 Pcs).

Weight 0.2 kg


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