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The 150-Ohm-12-Half-Watt-Resistor stands as a fundamental and widely used component in the realm of electronics.
This resistor, designed to resist the flow of electric current, possesses a resistance value of 150 ohms and a power rating of 1/2 watt.

As a crucial element in electronic circuits, the 150-ohm resistor plays a key role in controlling the current and voltage levels within a circuit.
Its resistance value, 150 ohms, signifies its capacity to impede the flow of current in a circuit, thereby regulating the electrical potential and ensuring that components operate within specified limits.

The 1/2-watt power rating of this resistor indicates its ability to dissipate heat generated during operation.
This is particularly important to prevent overheating and ensure the resistor’s reliable and stable performance in various electronic applications.

Engineers and electronics enthusiasts often incorporate the 150-ohm 1/2-watt resistor in circuits where precise current limiting or voltage division is required.
In LED circuits, for instance, this resistor aids in controlling the current .

Its versatility extends to applications in audio circuits, voltage dividers, and various signal conditioning circuits.

Experimentation and prototyping frequently involve the integration of the 150-ohm resistor due to its reliability and ubiquity.
Whether in educational settings or professional electronics projects, this resistor.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 150-Ohm-12-Half-Watt-Resistor.


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