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4.7 K ohm 1/4 watt resistor (10 pieces) pack


  • Resistance: 4.7 k Ω.
  • Tolerance: 5%.
  • Power rating: 1/4Watt.
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4.7 K ohm 1/4 watt resistor a fundamental electronic component, impedes the flow of electrical current in electronic circuits. Its 4.7-kilohm rating represents relatively high resistance, limiting the current that can pass through it. This feature proves valuable in applications requiring precise current control and voltage division. The 1/4-watt rating designates the maximum power it can safely dissipate as heat without overheating or sustaining damage. These resistors, known for their small size and standardized color-coding system, have widespread use in various electronic devices and circuits. Additionally they play an essential role in signal processing, voltage regulation, and current limitation.

Practically, because the 4.7-kilohm resistor finds application in LED current limiting, voltage dividers, and acts as pull-up or pull-down resistors in digital circuits. Its resistance value serves as a critical element in designing electronic systems, controlling circuit behavior to ensure reliable and efficient performance. Whether in consumer electronics or industrial settings, 4.7-kilohm, 1/4-watt resistors prove indispensable for achieving desired electrical characteristics across a wide spectrum of electronic systems and devices.

Resistor Tolerance

Of course, it is possible to make a resistor with very precise resistance, however, it will be insanely expensive. Besides, high precision resistors are relatively rarely used. There are very expensive resistors used for measurements. Here we will talk about inexpensive resistors used in electric circuits, so which do not require high precision. In many cases, ±20% of precision is enough.  For some critical components, the tolerance can be specified as ±1% or even ±0.05%. At the same time, it is hard to find 20% resistors today — they were common at the beginning of the transistor radio era. 5% and 1% resistors are very common today. They were relatively expensive in the past, but not anymore.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 4.7 K ohm 1/4 watt resistor (10 pieces) pack


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