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1.5 ohm 1/4 watt resistor (10 pcs)


  • Resistance: 1.5 Ω.
  • Tolerance: 5%.
  • Power rating: 1/4Watt.
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The resistor has a resistance value of 1.5 ohms.
This means it impedes the flow of current through a circuit by 1.5 ohms, providing a specific level of resistance to the electrical current passing through it.

The resistor has a power rating of 1/4 Watt. This indicates the maximum amount of power it can safely dissipate as heat without getting damaged.
In this case, it can handle up to 0.25 Watts of power without overheating.

A 1/4 Watt resistor is typically small in size and cylindrical in shape. The physical size and shape may vary depending on the manufacturer and type of resistor (e.g., carbon film, metal film, etc.), but it’s generally compact and can be easily soldered onto a circuit board.

Resistor values are not exact, and there is a tolerance associated with them.
A common tolerance for resistors is 5%, which means the actual resistance of the resistor can vary by up to 5% from the stated value. However, tighter tolerances (e.g., 1%) are available for more precise applications.

To identify the resistance value of a resistor, you can often use a color code system.
Different colored bands are used to represent the resistance value and tolerance. You might need to refer to a resistor color code chart to decode it.


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