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470uH DIP Power Inductor



  • It is Small in size.
  • High Q factor.
  • High self-resonance frequency.
  • RoHS free
  • Magnetically shielded.
  • Small magnetic flux leakage.

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The 470uH DIP Power Inductor is a compact and efficient electronic component designed for various applications in circuits and electronics.

High Inductance With an inductance of 470 microhenries (uH), so this DIP power inductor provides the necessary inductance for smoothing out current ripples in power supplies.
It ensures stable and regulated power delivery in electronic circuits.

Compact Design The inductor’s DIP (Dual Inline Package) design features a compact and space-saving form factor.
Low Resistance The inductor offers low DC resistance (DCR), minimizing energy losses and maximizing the efficiency of the circuit.
It contributes to the overall energy efficiency of power supplies and voltage regulation circuits.

High Current Handling Capacity Despite its small size, because this DIP power inductor can handle significant currents.
It is capable of handling high current loads, making it suitable for power electronics applications, voltage regulation, and filtering tasks.

Wide Frequency Range The inductor operates efficiently across a wide frequency range, making it versatile for applications involving both low and high-frequency signals.
It ensures consistent performance in various electronic circuits.

Reliable Performance Crafted from high-quality materials, but this power inductor offers reliable and stable performance.
It is designed to withstand temperature variations and environmental factors, ensuring longevity and durability in different operating conditions.

Lead-Free and RoHS Compliant The inductor is lead-free and complies with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations, making it environmentally friendly and safe for use in modern electronic devices.


  • Inductor for general purpose use.
  • DC/DC converter in distributed power systems or VRM Applications.
  • Motherboards for laptop and desktop computers.
  • Mounting Type: Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 85°C

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 470uH DIP Power Inductor.

Weight 0.15 kg


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