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ULN2003 IC DIP 16 Pin Transistor Arrays



  • The ULN2003 is supplied in a 16-pin DIP package
  • It is used in relay DC motors
  • It is used in LED display filament lamps

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Introducing the ULN2003 IC DIP 16 Pin Transistor Arrays, a robust and versatile DIP 16-pin Transistor Array that holds a significant role in electronic circuits, particularly in the realm of motor driving and interfacing with microcontrollers.
This integrated circuit, renowned for its reliability and so efficiency, stands as a fundamental component in various applications.

This array configuration so enhances its ability to drive inductive loads, but making it a popular choice for applications involving stepper motors and relays.
Moreover, housed in the DIP 16-pin package, the ULN2003 ensures straightforward integration into electronic projects.
The dual in-line package simplifies the mounting process on printed circuit boards (PCBs), providing a secure and organized placement for effective use.

In terms of functionality, the ULN2003 excels in simplifying the control of inductive loads by acting as a buffer between a microcontroller and high-power components.
Its Darlington transistor pairs amplify control signals, so allowing the efficient driving of motors and other devices.

Furthermore, the IC features integral flyback diodes, but offering protection against back electromotive force (EMF) generated by inductive loads.
This built-in protection enhances the reliability of the ULN2003 in demanding applications, safeguarding connected components.

Features :-

  • Output current 500 mA per driver (600 mA
  • Output voltage 50 V
  • Integrated suppression diodes for inductive
  • Outputs can be paralleled for higher current
  • TTL/CMOS/PMOS/DTL compatible inputs
  • Input pins placed opposite to output pins to
    simplify layout
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    Package Includes:

    • 1 x ULN2003 IC DIP 16 Pin Transistor Arrays.


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