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CD4017BE Counter IC



  • IC Name: CD4017BE
  • Package/Case: DIP-16

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The CD4017 IC is a CMOS Decade counter and it is used in the applications of low-range counting. This IC will count from 0 to 10 and the circuit with an IC 4017 will save board space as well as the time necessary to design the circuit.
This decade counter is similar to Johnson 10 stage decade counter.
This CMOS IC is frequently used in designing the 10 LEDs-based circuits to run the light for beginners.
So, it is one of the most flexible counters because it counts up to 10 & also it includes 10 separate outputs.
This IC includes the counter as well as the decoder.

Features :-

  • The supply voltage of this IC is 3V to 15V.
  • It is compatible with TTL (Transistor -Transistor Logic).
  • The clock speed or operational speed of CD4017 IC is 5 MHz
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    Package Includes:

    • 1 x CD4017BE Counter IC.


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