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74HC161 IC DIP-16 Package (74161)



  • IC Name: 74HC161 (74161)
  • Package/Case: DIP-16

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Introducing the 74HC161 IC DIP-16 Package (74161), housed in the widely used DIP-16 package, this integrated circuit stands as a fundamental building block in digital electronics, renowned for its role in binary counter applications.
A pivotal component in the 74HC series, the 74HC161 is engineered to provide efficient binary counting functionality within electronic circuits.

Transitioning to its essential features, the 74HC161 is a synchronous 4-bit binary counter, equipped with a parallel load capability.
This unique attribute empowers users to set the initial count value easily, but offering flexibility in designing circuits that require specific starting counts.

Moreover, the DIP-16 package enhances the 74HC161 IC’s so accessibility for integration into printed circuit boards (PCBs).
Its dual in-line form simplifies the mounting process, so ensuring a secure fit and organized arrangement within electronic systems.

In terms of functionality, the 74HC161 excels as a versatile counter, so capable of counting in both up and down modes.
This flexibility makes it suitable for diverse applications, but ranging from digital frequency dividers to event counters in various electronic projects.

Features :-

Features :-

  • Positive-edge triggered clock
  • Synchronous counting and loading
  • Two count enable inputs for n-bit cascading
  • Asynchronous reset
  • Output capability: standard
  • ICC category: MSI
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    Package Includes:

    • 1 x 74HC161 IC DIP-16 Package (74161).


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