Wind Turbine Power Generator Kit components



1.Windmill kit with 9 v battery

2.led glow with 3v supply from dc motor

3.dc toy fan

4.windmill dc motor

Students can build their own motor/generator using Wind Turbine Power Generator Kit components. Standing over 45 in. high from base to top of blade, the KELVIN Experimental Wind Turbine provides students the opportunity to test rotor and blade designs by varying the rotor sweep, blade size and blade shape to change the electrical output of the generator. Test rotor output with the included multimeter or see how many LEDs are lit. Students can also fold a cardstock model house and create their own LED circuit to plug into the wind turbine generator. Includes: motor/generator, gearbox parts, hub, corrugated plastic for blades, metal pole  stand with metallic chassis base, multimeter, LEDs,

  1. metallic pole
  2. metallic chassis
  3.  9 volts battery
  4. battery clip
  5. rubber
  6. red led
  7. DC motors
  8. Toy fan


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Wind Turbine Power Generator Kit components


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