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Electrolytic Decoupling Capacitors – 100uF/25V (5 Pcs)


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The Electrolytic Decoupling Capacitors – 100uF/25V (5 Pcs), featuring a capacitance of 100 microfarads (uF) and a voltage rating of 25 volts, are but essential components widely used in electronic circuits for decoupling and noise suppression.
This pack includes 5 capacitors, offering convenience for various applications in electronics.

With a capacitance of 100uF, they excel in absorbing and filtering out high-frequency noise, preventing it from affecting sensitive components in the circuit.
The 25-volt voltage rating makes these capacitors versatile for applications that require a moderate voltage handling capacity.

The electrolytic construction of these capacitors allows for higher capacitance values compared to other types, making them suitable.
The radial lead configuration facilitates so easy integration into circuit boards, so ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

This pack of 5 capacitors provides flexibility for electronics so enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals working on a variety of projects.
Whether used in audio amplifiers, microcontroller circuits, or power supply units, these capacitors.

The Electrolytic Decoupling Capacitors with a capacitance of 100uF and a voltage rating of 25 volts are indispensable components in electronic circuits.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Electrolytic Decoupling Capacitors – 100uF/25V (5 Pcs).


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