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Electrolytic Capacitor 47 uF-25 V



  • High Conductivity
  • Malleable and Ductile
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Versatile Applications
  • Reliable Electrical Conductor

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The Electrolytic Capacitor 47 uF-25 V is a vital electronic component designed for energy storage and voltage filtering in electronic circuits. It’s part of the electrolytic capacitor family, featuring a capacitance of 47 microfarads (uF) and a voltage rating of 25 volts. Constructed with aluminum foil and an electrolyte, it offers efficiency across various electronic applications.


  • Power Supply Filtering: Also Common in power supply circuits, these capacitors filter voltage ripple, ensuring stable and clean DC voltage for electronic devices.
  • Audio Equipment: Because audio amplifiers and signal processors, these capacitors couple and decouple signals, reducing noise and enhancing signal quality for improved audio performance.
  • Voltage Regulation: Also crucial in voltage regulator circuits, they stabilize voltage outputs, reducing fluctuations, and ensuring dependable electronic system operation.
  • Features:

  • Moderate Capacitance: With 47uF, they efficiently store electrical energy for various applications.
  • Moderate Voltage Rating: Capable of handling 25 volts, suitable for circuits with moderate voltage requirements.
  • Polarity: Electrolytic capacitors are polarized, requiring correct polarity during installation.
  • compact Size: Despite their voltage rating, these capacitors are relatively compact, ideal for space-constrained circuits.
  • Reliable Performance: Also known for stable, consistent, and durable performance over time, ensuring reliability in electronic applications.
  • Low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR): Typically featuring low ESR, they minimize power losses and ensure efficient operation.
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    Packages includes:-

    • 1 x Electrolytic Capacitor 47 uF, 25 V.


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