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5.6 pf capacitors 5 pieces


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The 5.6 pf capacitors is a tiny yet crucial electronic component, ideal for applications requiring ultra-small capacitance values.


  • High-Frequency Filtering: Used in RF circuits to eliminate noise and ensure clean signal transmission.
  • Resonance and Oscillation: Essential for precise frequency tuning in radio receivers and transmitters.


  • Ultra-Small: Ideal for space-constrained applications.
  • High Precision: Accurate capacitance values for precise high-frequency circuit control.
  • Low ESR: Minimizes power losses in high-frequency use.
  • Stable Performance: Also reliable in demanding electronic environments.
  • Non-Polarized: Can be installed without worrying about polarity.

In conclusion, the 5.6 picofarad (pF) capacitor, despite its minuscule size, plays a significant role in electronic circuits requiring ultra-small capacitance values. Its applications in high-frequency filtering and precise frequency tuning are essential for maintaining signal integrity and optimal performance in RF and resonance circuits. With its ultra-small size, high precision, low equivalent series resistance (ESR), and stable performance, this capacitor proves indispensable in demanding electronic environments. Also its non-polarized nature further adds to its flexibility in circuit design. Engineers and designers working with compact electronic devices and high-frequency systems rely on the 5.6 pF capacitor for its accuracy and reliability also making it a valuable component in the world of electronics.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 5.6 pf capacitors .


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