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22pF 50V Ceramic Capacitor – 5 Pieces pack



  • High Conductivity
  • Malleable and Ductile
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Versatile Applications
  • Reliable Electrical Conductor

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The 22pF 50V Ceramic Capacitor is a vital electronic component used in circuits to efficiently store and release electrical energy. Part of the ceramic capacitor family also has a capacitance of 22 picofarads (pF) and a 50-volt voltage rating. Its small size and reliability make it a preferred choice in electronic applications.


  • Signal Coupling and Decoupling: Also Used in amplifiers and signal processing circuits to maintain signal integrity and block unwanted frequencies.
  • RF Tuning: Also essential in RF circuits to tune and match impedance for optimal performance in radios and communication devices.
  • Timing and Oscillators: Additionally critical for accurate time delays and frequency stability in oscillator circuits, timers, and clock generators.


  • Compact Size: Its small form factor suits densely populated circuit boards and miniaturized devices.
  • High Voltage Rating: Handles a broad range of voltage levels, up to 50 volts, without breakdown.
  • Low ESR: Typically exhibits low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), minimizing power losses and ensuring efficiency.
  • Reliable Performance: Also Known for stable and consistent operation, maintaining electrical properties over time.
  • Non-Polarized: Ceramic capacitors have no polarity, allowing them to be connected in any direction without polarity concerns.

The 22pF 50V Ceramic Capacitor’s versatility, reliability, and compact design make it indispensable in various electronic applications, especially in signal processing, RF tuning, and timing circuits.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 22pF 50V Ceramic Capacitor


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