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15pF Ceramic capacitor (5 Pcs)


This is a 15pF Ceramic Capacitor  Use this capacitor for power decoupling, having a smooth power in your circuit, timing circuits etc. It is always a good idea to put one of these next to the power pins of a microcontroller.

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The 15pF Ceramic capacitor (5 Pcs), available in a pack of 5, represents a fundamental component in electronic circuits, known for its ability to store and release electrical energy in a controlled manner.
This capacitor, designed with precision and reliability in mind, offers a capacitance of 15pF, making it suitable for various applications where a small capacitance value is required.

Measuring at 15 picofarads, but this capacitor so provides the capacity to store a so minimal amount of charge.
Its small capacitance makes it ideal for applications such as high-frequency filtering, tuning circuits, and coupling signals in electronic devices.
The capacitor’s low capacitance allows for rapid charge and discharge cycles, but making it well-suited for tasks that require quick response times.

Crafted with ceramic material, this capacitor ensures stability and consistent performance across different environmental conditions.
The ceramic construction also contributes to the capacitor’s so durability, but making it resistant to temperature variations and ensuring a long operational life.

The pack of 5 capacitors offers convenience for hobbyists, experimenters, and electronic enthusiasts working on various projects.

Given its small capacitance value, the 15pF Ceramic Capacitor is particularly useful in applications where precise capacitance values are critical.
Whether utilized in radio frequency (RF) circuits, oscillators, or as part of a so filter network, this capacitor serves as a reliable and essential building block in electronic designs.

Features and Specifications:-

  • Capacitor type: Ceramic Capacitor
  • Value: 15pF
  • Pack of: 5 pieces
  • Package: Through Hole
  • Pitch: 5 mm
  • Polarity: Non-Polarised
  • Linearity: Nearly Linear
  • Does not vary much with Temperature

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 15pF Ceramic capacitor (5 Pcs).


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