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Pcb Design Kit (Pcb, Etching Powder, Handdrill, Drill Bit)


Quick Overview :


  • Printed Circuit Board PCB Design Kit – PCB, Etching powder, Hand Drill and Drill Bit
  • Type : Electronic Components
  • Material : Silicone
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The “Printed Circuit Board PCB Design Kit” is an all-inclusive solution tailored for electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists, and DIYers seeking to craft custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) with ease. This comprehensive package equips users with essential components and tools crucial for every stage of the PCB design and fabrication journey. From conceptualization to realization, the kit streamlines the entire process, empowering individuals to bring their electronic projects to life.

Included in the kit are fundamental elements such as the PCB itself, etching powder for creating circuit traces, a hand drill, and drill bits for precise hole placement. This assortment of tools ensures that users have everything they need to design and manufacture PCBs with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re a novice exploring the world of electronics or a seasoned hobbyist looking to refine your craft, the Printed Circuit Board PCB Design Kit provides a convenient and accessible solution for all your PCB creation needs.



PCB Board:
  • Material: Often made of FR-4 (Flame Retardant 4) or similar substrate materials.
  • Size: The dimensions of the PCB board included in the kit, such as length and width.
  • Copper Thickness: Specifies the thickness of the copper layer on the board.
Etching Powder:
  • Type: The chemical composition or type of etching powder included.
  • Quantity: The amount of etching powder provided in the kit.
Hand Drill:
  • Type: Manual hand drill for precision drilling.
  • Chuck Size: The maximum drill bit diameter that the hand drill can accommodate.
Drill Bit:
  • Size: The diameter and length of the drill bit included in the kit.
  • Material: Specifies the material from which the drill bit is made (e.g., high-speed steel).



  • Prototyping: Moreover, Ideal for creating custom PCB prototypes to test and validate electronic circuit designs before production.
  • DIY Electronics Projects: Enables hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts to design and fabricate custom PCBs for personal electronics projects.
  • Educational Purposes: Because its used in electronics education to teach students about PCB design, etching, and assembly
  • Custom Electronics: Likewise ,It allows individuals and engineers to create tailored electronic circuits for specific applications.
  • Repair and Maintenance: Because its useful for repairing and replacing damaged or malfunctioning PCBs in various electronic devices.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Moreover, Speeds up the prototyping process, making it easier to iterate and refine circuit designs.
  • Small-Scale Production: Suitable for small-scale production runs of custom electronic devices.
  • Sensor and IoT Development: Supports the development of sensor circuits and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Printed Circuit Board PCB Design Kit – PCB, Etching powder, Hand Drill and Drill Bit.

Weight 0.51 kg


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