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B-Type USB OTG Cable


Quick Overview

Type B USB Cable

Compatible Devices Cellular Phones
Connector Type USB Type B
Connector Gender Male-to-Female
Brand Generic
Number of Ports 1



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The B-Type USB OTG Cable represents a significant leap forward in connectivity solutions, offering a direct and versatile means for USB devices.
This cable, featuring a B-Type USB connector on one end, opens up new possibilities for direct connections between peripherals.
Moreover, the cable’s On-The-Go (OTG) functionality allows it to dynamically switch between host and peripheral modes. This adaptability proves advantageous.


Transitioning to practical applications, but the B-Type Cable proves indispensable wherever direct communication between USB devices is paramount.
Whether it’s connecting external storage to smartphones for data transfer, using USB keyboards or mice with tablets, or integrating MIDI controllers for music production on compatible devices, this cable facilitates seamless connections.

In the realm of smart devices, the B-Type USB OTG plays a pivotal role, enabling users to directly connect a diverse range of peripherals to their smartphones or tablets. This capability transforms these devices into versatile hubs for USB accessories, expanding their functionality significantly.

Operational Overview:

Navigating the operational landscape, the B-Type USB OTG Cable employs a straightforward plug-and-play mechanism. This simplicity ensures accessibility for users with varying technical expertise, as the cable automatically discerns the roles of connected devices, effortlessly switching between host and peripheral modes.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x B-Type USB OTG Cable.


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