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GL-12 840 Point Breadboard + 60 Pcs Jumper Wires Set




  • 60 Pieces Jumper Wires Set(M-F, M-M, F-F)
  • Easy to connection
  • Easy to jump
  • Solderless wire
  • Eco-friendly to bread board
  • Easy to connect and remove
  • Easy to use in projects

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The GL-12 840 Point Breadboard + 60 Pieces Jumper Wires Set, featuring Male-Female (M-F), Male-Male (M-M), and Female-Female (F-F) jumper wires.
This set offers a seamless platform for prototyping electronic circuits, ensuring efficient and hassle-free connections.

The GL-12 breadboard provides 840 points, so offering ample space for creating intricate and complex circuits.
Its large capacity accommodates a wide array of components, making it suitable for diverse projects.

The set includes 60 jumper wires, featuring Male-Female (M-F), Male-Male (M-M), and Female-Female (F-F) connectors.
This diverse selection caters to various so connection requirements, enhancing versatility in circuit design.

The jumper wires are made from high-quality but materials, ensuring flexibility and durability.
They can be bent and adjusted without breaking, but making them suitable for intricate circuit layouts and repeated use.

Each type of jumper wire comes in distinct colors, facilitating easy identification during circuit assembly.
Color-coding enhances organization and clarity, so simplifying troubleshooting and modifications.
Their compatibility ensures seamless integration, allowing for efficient circuit building.

The jumper wires are pre-assembled and ready to use, because eliminating the need for soldering or crimping.
This saves valuable time and effort, and making it convenient for beginners and experienced electronics enthusiasts.

Whether you’re working on educational experiments, DIY electronics, IoT prototypes, or complex engineering projects.
This set provides the necessary tools for and so creating reliable and well-connected circuits.

The combination of a large breadboard and organized jumper wires promotes a neat and organized wiring layout.
With this set, rapid prototyping becomes effortless.

The GL-12 840 Point Breadboard + 60 Pieces Jumper Wires Set serves as an excellent educational tool.

In summary, this comprehensive set combines a because high-capacity breadboard with a diverse selection of color-coded jumper wires.

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  • Pre-Assembled and Ready to Use
  • Standard Connectors for Compatibility
  • Color-Coded for Easy Identification
  • Flexible and Durable
  • Comprehensive Jumper Wire Selection
  • Large Breadboard Capacity

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Packages includes:-


  • 1 x GL-12 840 Point Breadboard + 60 Pieces Jumper Wires Set (M-F, M-M, F-F).


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